1. Why do I require a mobile app when I already have a responsive website?

Mobile apps are an extension to a website to generate more business. Mobile apps are for business today what the website was for businesses in past. Stand out from your competitors, the reason Dominos and Amazon both took off is because they made it easier for their customers to do business with them. More than 84% of internet sales are done on a mobile device

  1. How can I utilise a mobile app in my business?

Apart from everything else, A mobile app can drastically increase repeat business from what you’ve got today. Be in your customers pocket and advertise direct to them. Go to your customers when you need by sending “Push Notifications” – a message that will pop right on their mobile phones. With our Geo-Targeted & Geo-Fenced Push Notifications, send notifications to specific customers based on their exact location with our Geo-Targeted push notifications. You can also setup a Geo-Fence (virtual perimeter) on a map and automatically send push notifications to your customers when they enter that area.

  1. Why is Mobile Technology so powerful?

You can reach your customers when YOU want to instead of “crossing your fingers” and hoping they come to your website. Apps are proven to grow repeat business and customer loyalty.

  1. How can I get a higher SEO ranking?

Google rewards businesses with a mobile app, rewarding towards getting a higher SEO ranking

  1. Why should I provide rewards and not discounts to my customers?

Bring your customers back a second, third and even 17th time with our digital loyalty rewards module. For every dollar spent is a point earned, customers can redeem points for rewards that you choose – or use a “Buy X get 1 free” style rewards system – you decide.


  1. Can I do rostering for my staff from your app?

Yes, you can reduce wage costs and save hours managing your team with our built-in powerful rostering app.

  • Employees clock in when they are within a predefined radius of your business.
  • Enable photo recognition clock ins for staff that forgot their mobile devices.
  • Staff can see their entire week or month, no more excuses available
  • Information is available 24/7
  1. What features do you have available?

We’ve over 50 features available. We understand that your business is unique. You can select from a full range of standard features and we can also custom design anything to fit with your business needs.


  1. Can you help promote the mobile app?

We design and offer our customers a full Digital Marketing Pack and help them promote their app

  1. Why should I choose your company?
  • We use the best and most powerful app building technology
  • We offer dozens of powerful app features to cover all needs
  • All our apps are custom designed for the business and to date all have been approved and available on both Apple and Google stores
  • We handle everything from start to finish
  • We help bring in new business and increase repeat customers
  • We help you promote your app to your customers, so they use it
  • We provide free app downloads to your customers
  • We provide you with a powerful app management platform so you can update and change your content with ease at any time
  • We don’t lock you into any fixed contracts
  • We’ve a team of professional mobile app developers, website and graphic designers, project managers and web and social media marketing experts
  1. What’s your process and timeline from time of order?

The total time of getting your mobile app from concept to the Appstore is only 6-7 weeks (that’s less than 2 months to have your very own mobile app live)

Week 1 – Detail your requirements

Week 2 – Preview your mobile app

Week 3 – Changes implemented

Week 4 – Handover

Week 5-7 – App store approval process

Week 7+ – ongoing updates

A custom designed mobile app could take between 2 -12 months fully dependent upon the customer requirements and if we’ve to build it from scratch.

Note: The timeline above is highly dependent on you getting back to us straight away. The first and second revision it’s still a draft and it’s important that you go through all the tabs in the app on your phone and let us know of any bugs for us to fix. Every phone is different and having many touch points on multiple phones will iron out all the bugs and missing details we may oversaw.

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